HSSC is a growing organizations and we are growing teams of people to help us achieve our goals, each one of our volunteers plays a key part in helping us achieve our mission to open a haven for animals in Stanislaus county.

If you care about animals in our community and want to help make a difference, get involved today by clicking the link below and someone will reach to you via email:

Volunteer Application


  • Fostering - Open your home to a rescued animal and provide transportation to/from adoption events at Petsmart Sisk Rd Modesto, Wellness Clinic on Carpenter Rd in Modesto, & the vet in either Modesto or Turlock. We can provide food, unless you would like to do that. HSSC covers all medical expenses related to the foster animal.


  • Adoption Event Team - We need help our events that we run each weekend at Petsmart on Sisk Rd in Modesto. Setup is on Thursdays at 5pm, this is where we setup tables and crates in preparation for the adoptable animals to arrive the next day. Helpers are needed throughout the adoption event 1pm-7pm, you can sign up for hour intervals and to help cover either the dog aisle or cat aisle, help with paperwork running, and adoption processing. Most weekends we break down on Saturdays starting at 5pm (with the exception of National Adoption Event Weekends which are held every quarter and break down is on Sundays).


  • Wellness Clinic Team - We hold Wellness Clinics weekly to ensure the best care possible is provided to animals going through our adoption program. We need people to take pictures which will go up on our Facebook page, Adopt-A-Pet, Pet Finder, & used for printed materials. We also need help with data entry, paper filing, and miscellaneous office work. Last but not least, we need help vaccinating, deworming, flea treating, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and microchipping!


  • Cage Cleaning - Sign up for evening cage cleaning shifts at Petsmart on Sisk Rd. Cleaners are needed for Sunday – Saturday. Monday – Thursday any time between 4:30pm – 7pm, Friday – Saturday anytime between 3pm – 5:30pm (note: (Saturday's are deep cleaning day – everything changed out) , Sunday any time between 1:30pm – 4:30pm. It usually takes about 1 hour for cleaning, with the exception of Saturday 2-3 hours. This includes sweeping out cages, scooping out littler pans, refill water & food, sweep the floor, and anything else that needs to be done to keep all parts of the room clean & tidy.


  • Park Feeder - Sign up for Sunday – Saturday to help feed feral and tame cats that are located at park in Hughson. HSSC will provide the food, unless you would like to provide food to feed the cats. There are over 150+ cats that need feeding which includes giving the cat’s dry food and fresh water.


  • TNR (Returning) - This is part of our TNR program for the cats in Stanislaus County. Our team of trappers is very active. HSSC will provide humane cat traps. You trap non-ear-tipped cats and they then transported to the shelter located on Crows Landing in Modesto so the cats can be spayed/neutered. The cats will be released by the HSSC. *** REQUIRES SIGNUP AT SASA, along with HSSC volunteer application ***


  • Fundraising & Event Planning - We usually have several events planned, but not enough volunteers to help obtain donations, work events, and help promote events. Come up with various fundraising ideas to help raise funds for spay/neuter, medical supplies, adoption event supplies, food, toys, and other various funds to help our animals get what they need.


  • Community Outreach - HSSC has multiple projects under community outreach including the Pet Food Pantry and Beard Brooke Park. From time to time HSSC also holds free vaccination clinics and distributes vouchers for free alterations (spay/neuter).


  • Community Outreach - HSSC has multiple projects under community outreach including the Pet Food Pantry and Beared Brook Park. From time to time HSSC also holds free vaccination clinics and distributes vouchers for free alterations (spay/neuter).


  • Transport Team - HSSC has put together a group of people that help transport animals out of high kill shelters in Stanislaus County & transport to other rescues within CA. This is on their own time, in their own vehicles, and using their own gas. We also need local transporters to get animals to adoption events, the vet, etc.


  • Other  - How would you like to volunteer?



Disclaimer: Volunteering for the Humane Society of Stanislaus County (HSSC) means that you am offering your services willingly and for without pay in order to assist the HSSC in helping our county shelter become a “No Kill” shelter. If at any time you no longer wish to volunteer for HSSC or perform a service asked of you, you will notify HSSC. You also understand that HSSC can ask me at any time, for any reason, to no longer be a volunteer with HSSC.

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